Galacticare: This is the hospital of the universe

Galacticare: This is the hospital of the universe

The hospital management simulation Galacticare is still healing the galaxy in 2023.

Independent development studio Brightrock Games and new label CULT Games today announced Galacticare – a sci-fi hospital management sim with complex mechanics and a deep story. The release is planned for 2023 for Steam, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and GOG.

In the name of Galacticare, embark on a sci-fi adventure through colorful future worlds riddled with potentially deadly diseases. Galacticare is an interstellar chain of hospitals that has more recoveries than deaths – a first for the 23rd century.

Design and manage hospitals tailored to the circumstances, be they volcanic planets, space cemeteries, or psychic alien deities.

The game’s twisted and tangled story spans far more than just the hospital. The characters by your side will stick with you through thick and thin, and the bond between you will only grow as you progress through the game. Be it your bureaucratic assistant AI, the tireless caretaker robot or the multitude of advisors you hire – over time you will all grow fond of them.

Features of the game:

  • Unique Hospitals – Build the best place to cure all sorts of ailments in space. Build treatment rooms, provide the necessary equipment, hire staff and decorate the hospital according to your taste.
  • Diverse diseases – Constantly expands and improves the treatment repertoire with new achievements such as medical projectiles, the Xen Garden or dream therapy and always stays at the cutting edge of interstellar healthcare.
  • There is always a better way – Use everything at your disposal to increase your hospital’s rating – ratings are the only relevant metric, after all!
  • Always new challenges – Scenarios like “Hospital in Space Prison”, “Everybody Loses Their Skin” or “The leaking oil must be brought under control quickly before bad things happen” are challenges that must be solved in order not to damage Galacticare’s reputation.
  • understanding between cultures – From the Dyonai – who were created by a god who seems to ignore them – to the psionic-gifted Vizarj, you will cover seven different species with unique attributes.
  • A deep story – Throughout the story of Galacticare you will meet a variety of different characters, all working together to make Galacticare’s vision a reality.
  • Complete control – Improve the well-being of patients, hire staff – and fire them again, customize the hospital in detail to your personal likes and needs and invest the profits wisely in research, expansion and preparedness for unforeseen disasters.
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