Gaming monitor, Fire TV Stick & best vacuum robot: Amazon is squandering discounts

Lawn sprinklers, hose boxes, robotic lawnmowers and much more from Gardena at Amazon at discounted prices.

Anyone who is currently in the mood for shopping but doesn’t feel like slogging through crowded streets will find almost everything on Amazon. We also looked around there and looked out for savings offers. Because the shipping giant has almost everything on offer, but not all of it can be bought at reasonable prices. Our selection ranges from the gaming monitor with 27 inches, WQHD resolution and 165 Hz refresh rate to the streaming stick Fire TV Stick to the currently best vacuum robot, which not only offers a suction station but also a self-cleaning function – and of course many more more discount deals from amazon more.

Amazon is giving away discounts on gaming monitors, Fire TV Sticks, robot vacuums and more

Even though more and more gamers are turning to large 32-inch monitors, 27-inch monitors are still the first choice. As is WQHD resolution, because many PCs just aren’t powerful enough for 4K with a high refresh rate. The gaming monitor Acer Nitro is currently available with 27 inches, WQHD and 165 Hz for 229 euros, after Amazon recently reduced the already low price by 20 euros. The streaming stick Fire TV Stick, with which you can equip older televisions with the current version of Prime Video, Netflix or Disney+, can currently be ordered at a lower price. However, only as a certified and overhauled model. But above all, who wants a Fire TV Stick at a discounted price would like to have access now. Other Alexa devices such as the Echo Dot are also available at discount prices. For all those who would rather spend their time gambling than doing housework, we have a very special recommendation: The Roborock S7 Pro Ultra goes one better with a vacuum robot with a wiping function and a suction station. The multi-dock also takes dirty water and replaces it with fresh water. In addition, the mop and brush are automatically cleaned in the station. No vacuum robot has ever done more work for its owner. The currently best vacuum robot on the market costs a whopping 1,299 euros. However, Amazon currently offers the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra for 949 euros at. Still a lot of money, of course, but the multifunctional vacuum robot saves you a lot of work – or the investment in a cleaner.

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27 inch WQHD 165 Hz gaming monitor

Refurbished Alexa devices like Fire TV Stick & Echo Dot

Best vacuum robot Roborock S7 Pro Ultra with suction station and self-cleaning

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Even more savings offers at Amazon

In addition to the discount deals for gaming monitors with 27 inches, Fire TV Stick and other Alexa devices as well as the currently best vacuum robot Roborock S7 Pro Ultra, Amazon is currently running other savings campaigns.

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Amazon hits: The 10 best-selling technology items in the last 7 days (source: internal sales statistics)

Which offers on Amazon are currently the most popular? We have looked at our sales statistics and are presenting the top 10 best-selling technology items over the past 7 days.

  1. Makita cordless drill set 173.48€ (-39%)
  2. Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe charging case 259€ (-13%)
  3. Apple AirPods with wired charging case 125€ (-21%)
  4. Arctic P12 PC case fan €5.49 (-42%)
  5. Charging station for PSVR 2 €29.99
  6. Razer Basilisk V3 gaming mouse €61.99 (-27%)
  7. Samsung 980 Pro SSD 2TB (PS5 comp.) 189.99€ (-5%)
  8. Ecovacs Deebot N8+ vacuum robot 399€ (-17%)
  9. SteelSeries Apex Pro Gaming Keyboard 188.99€ (-18%)
  10. Songmic’s height-adjustable desk €209.99
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Amazon bestsellers at a glance