Gardena lawn sprinklers up to 40% cheaper: Also roll-up hose box, Sileno robotic lawnmower, battery & joint scraper heavily discounted

Gardena lawn sprinklers up to 40% cheaper: Also roll-up hose box, Sileno robotic lawnmower, battery & joint scraper heavily discounted

Do you already feel the spring fever? If the blue sky not only looks beautiful, but also the sun’s rays begin to warm you up, the garden will be happy about the power of the sun. Now it’s time to think about gardening and the discount offers for Gardena on Amazon are just the thing. Anyone who is still looking for watering control or lawn sprinklers such as square sprinklers to water their garden will find what they are looking for at the shipping giant, as will all those who would like to make their work easier with a practical roll-up hose box. The popular Sileno robotic lawnmower can also be purchased at a discounted price. Batteries for Gardena 18V tools and useful tools such as joint scrapers or leaf blowers are now also available at reduced prices. We have put together the best offers.

Lawn sprinklers, roll-up hose boxes, Sileno robotic lawnmowers, floor scrapers and more at great discount prices

To make it easier for you to search for the garden tool you want from Gardena, we have divided our selection of discount deals from Amazon into the categories of irrigation, hose & hose box, watering lance & garden nozzle, robotic lawnmower & lawn mower and garden tool – easily accessible via the table of contents on the left . But if you prefer to be inspired by highlight offers, you will first find a selection of Gardena offers below that are currently particularly popular on Amazon and are available at discounted prices. These include lawn sprinklers such as square sprinklers, but also more for irrigation such as an irrigation control or the practical watering wand aka garden sprayer. Gardena’s mega-seller Roll Up hose box and robotic lawnmowers from the Sileno series can also be bought at attractive discounts. Anyone who currently wants to clean the joints with a joint scraper or needs a new battery for their 18V garden tools will also find what they are looking for.

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Gardena garden tools with big discounts on Amazon (highlights)

When spring comes and the sun shines brighter, the need for water for the plants, flowers and shrubs in your garden increases. An effective way to ensure your greens are watered regularly and evenly is to use lawn sprinklers such as a quad sprinkler. If you are looking for a practical solution to automate your watering, Amazon currently offers a wide range of Gardena watering controllers and matching lawn sprinklers at drastically reduced prices. With these tools, you can make sure your plants get enough water in the spring without you having to worry about it.

Gardena Irrigation Control & Square Sprinkler at Amazon

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Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to get your garden in shape. With a hose box, you can store your garden hose neatly and have it ready for use when you need it. If you are looking for a practical solution, Amazon is currently offering the Gardena Hose Box Roll Up with hoses in lengths between 15 meters and 30 meters at greatly reduced prices. However, these offers are only valid while stocks last, similar to robot lawn mowers from Gardena Sileno and lawn sprinklers. With a hose storage box, you can ensure your hose is always within reach in the spring and never gets knotted or tangled again.

Gardena Hose Box Roll Up at Amazon

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When the warm rays of spring sunshine warm up your garden, it’s time to water your plants properly. A good watering wand is an essential tool to keep your garden green and thriving. The 90 cm long Gardena Premium watering lance with practical garden spray was sold out for several weeks last year due to high demand from retailers such as Amazon. However, you can currently buy this practical watering stick with a discount of over 30%. Amazon also offers great savings bundles with a water stop or cleaning syringe. If you want to water your plants sufficiently in spring, a good watering wand is a must in your garden. Together with a hose box, you can ensure that your garden is always optimally watered and thrives.

Gardena Premium Watering Lance & Garden Sprayer at Amazon with high discounts

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Robotic Lawnmowers & Lawnmowers

With the arrival of spring and the strong rays of the sun, it’s time to bring the lawn in your garden back into shape. If you’re looking for handy tools to get the job done, Amazon is currently offering a wide range of Gardena robotic lawnmowers and lawn mowers at great discount prices. The popular Gardena Sileno robot lawn mowers are a real bargain and can save you a lot of time and work. However, if you prefer to mow the lawn yourself and find the work relaxing, you should check out the 18V cordless lawn mowers that are also currently on sale at discount prices. With these tools you can ensure that your lawn always looks beautiful and well-groomed in the spring.

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Gardena Sileno robotic lawnmower & cordless lawnmower at Amazon

Garden tool and battery 18V

If you’re looking to spruce up your garden this spring, don’t forget to have the right garden tools on hand as well. In addition to robotic lawnmowers and watering tools such as lawn sprinklers, roll-up hose boxes and watering wands, Amazon now also has great offers for garden equipment and tools. You are currently getting high discounts on garden tools such as pruning shears and joint scrapers. 18V cordless garden tools such as hedge trimmers are now also available at attractive prices. If you need a Gardena 18V battery, you can now also benefit from great discount offers. With the right gardening tools, you can ensure your garden is in full bloom and looking beautiful in spring.

Gardena hedge trimmer, battery 18V, joint scraper and much more. at Amazon