Hardware router from Microsoft, six-core from Intel and Geforce 6800 Ultra with 512 MiB (PCGH-Retro, March 11)

Hardware router from Microsoft, six-core from Intel and Geforce 6800 Ultra with 512 MiB (PCGH-Retro, March 11)

from Carsten Spille
Microsoft and 3Com want to build hardware routers, Nvidia brings a Geforce 6800 Ultra with 512 MiByte and Intel the six-core processor Core i7-980X – all this happened on March 11th. Every day, PC Games Hardware takes a look back at the young but eventful history of the computer.

…1998: Eiger Labs are showing the portable, digital audio player MPMan F10 at the Cebit in Hanover. It is the first device of this class to be launched in North America and thus represents the forefather of the MP3 player. The MPMan F10 offers 32 megabytes of memory and can record around eight songs of four minutes each. The device works with an AA cell (mignon) and can be expanded to 64 megabytes. Commercially, however, the device manufactured in Korea by Saehan Information Systems was doomed by the Rio PMP300, which was brought onto the market a short time later.

…1999: More and more computers in households, more and more Internet connections – the networking of the world is progressing inexorably. Network hardware such as routers and switches can no longer only be found in the IT departments of companies, but also in living rooms. Reason enough for Microsoft, am March 11 to advertise own network devices. Routers and other products for the mass market are to be developed in cooperation with the network specialist 3Com (see press release). Microsoft hasn’t always been known for hardware other than input devices, but this deal will change that. However, only for a short time – after a few years, the devices disappear from the market. Maybe Microsoft doesn’t like the fact that some users are replacing the Windows CE-based firmware with Linux…

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…2005: After almost a year on the market, Nvidia is giving the graphics chip top model Geforce 6800 Ultra a memory boost: in addition to the 256 MiByte model, one with 512 MiByte memory is now also available. Otherwise nothing changes, the clock frequencies remain untouched, the new model is quite rare and expensive.

…2005: Apple joins the Bluray Disc Association (BDA), but five years later there’s no direct support for Bluray movies on the Mac, in a Interview with “Time” In October 2012, Apple even attacked Blu-ray in the form of Phil Schiller. It is a technology that shines through various problems and it makes sense to banish optical media from computers.

…2010: The official go-ahead for Intel’s Core i7-980X six-core processor from the 32nm Gulftown family. You can read a review of what was then the fastest desktop processor at PCGH.