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March 10, 2023 – 7:08 p.m — Last updated 2 hours ago

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The new edition of the board game classic HeroQuest is currently at the online mail order company Amazon at a bargain price on offer. In addition to the base game, you can also use the two expansions The Bastion of Kellars Keep and The Return of the Witch Lord purchase at a reduced price:

  • Hero Quest (base game): €88.89
  • The Bastion Kellars Keep (expansion): €27.99
  • The Return of the Witch Lord (Expansion): €34.98

Hero Quest is a board game that is based on the mechanisms of pen & paper role-playing games and tabletop games and simplifies them so that inexperienced players in particular can get started with this complex area of ​​games. The 2022 reboot of Hero Quest offers a few twists on the 1989 classic. For example, the male Alb has been replaced by a female Elf, and some monsters are now male and female.


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