Hogwarts Legacy – Gamer couple wastes several hours on a chest and only gets junk

Hogwarts Legacy players have to choose a house at the beginning and can then theoretically only enter its common rooms.

Hogwarts Legacy is actually a game that invites exploration. If you look around the school carefully, you can discover tons of secrets and hidden details. Only with the physical rewards it mostly looks rather poor.

While there are many manual pages to discover for your collection, the rewards found in chests throughout the game world are often disappointing. This was also noticed by two fans who spent several hours grinding the game in order to be able to open a level three chest.

2 hours and 33 Demiguise statues later: A box full of junk

On Reddit the couple tells of their disappointing odyssey: In the Slytherin common room there is a mysterious chest that is well hidden behind one of the statues. However, it is not easy to open, but is locked with a lock at level three.

So the couple spent two hours at a time locating all 33 Demiguise statues in Hogwarts Legacy in order to level the Alohomora Charm to the required level. When they were finally able to open the mysterious box, the disappointment was great: instead of a cool, new outfit, there was only a pair of brown leather gloves inside.

It takes a lot of work to open this chest - good loot is not guaranteed.

It takes a lot of work to open this chest – good loot is not guaranteed.

The two fans are not alone with this story. Which clothes you find in the chests in the game world is almost always completely random. So it’s nearly impossible to search for specific gear unless you’re doing that wanted to get a Quidditch set.

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Of course, this is particularly bitter when players invest several hours here to open a chest whose value is not even higher than that of a normal chest. Only the huge chests, which your character has to open with both hands, contain at least guaranteed legendary equipment.

Fans have suggestions for improvement

In the comments under the Reddit post, many fans complain about the Hogwarts Legacy loot system and even call for a complete overhaul. The caves in the game world in particular are met with a lot of criticism. To open them, you first have to solve a puzzle, only to often get useless equipment – an annoying time waster.

Some fans even have suggestions on how things could be better. User NervousPervis suggests, for example, a Ghost of Tsushima system that would bring rare equipment sets as a reward for lore-heavy side missions.

User maplefoum, on the other hand, simply wants fewer chests in the game, which should then also contain very special items such as the invisibility cloak or the Marauder’s Map.

What do you think of the loot system and how would you like it to be?