HP Printers: Firmware Update Locks Out Third-Party Cartridges

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Some HP printers got a new firmware update. The result: work is refused if third-party cartridges are in use.


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It’s been a good three years since HP last caused a sensation by banning printer ink that wasn’t manufactured in-house. After complaints from users and penalties in the millions In several countries, the manufacturer seems to want to try again. A Reddit user posted a Image of an error messagethat the printer gave after a firmware update:

“Non-HP Chip Detected: The inserted cartridge was blocked by the printer firmware because it contains a non-HP chip. The printer will only work with new or refilled cartridges that contain a new or used HP chip.” HP support also confirmed to the Reddit user that the recent update caused this.

A function designated by HP as Dynamic Security is responsible. according to the statements of the company to ensure safety by using their own ink cartridges. The feature has been around since 2016 and has repeatedly been a point of contention between HP and users and consumer protection organizations.

It is currently still unclear which printers have the feature and are exhibiting the controversial behavior following the current firmware update. How winfuture.de gleaned from support forums, models such as OfficeJet 7740 and OfficeJet 6970 displayed the error message. The manufacturer replied that cartridges with non-HP chips would be locked out and “those that work today […] maybe not in the future [funktionieren]“.

So if you want to save money by using usually cheaper printer cartridges in connection with your HP device, you could be forced to switch in the future – regardless of whether you buy original ink in the future or buy a competitor’s product.

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