Logan Paul bought a 66 million year old Triceratops head for his living room Dexerto

Published: 2023-03-10T23:29:12

Updated: 2023-03-10T23:29:20

YouTube star Logan Paul owns a 66 million year old Triceratops skull that currently sits as the centerpiece in the living room of his ~$16 million mansion in Puerto Rico.

Logan Paul is arguably one of the most successful content creators on YouTube. Having made the transition to the platform from Vine, he has since broken into the world of boxing and is even making a name for himself in WWE.

As a result of his efforts, Paul managed to amass a great deal of wealth, but he is taking a break from Hollywood. The influencer notably sold his mansion in Encino, California in 2021 and now has his home in Puerto Rico.

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Although Logan has moved around a bit since landing in the Caribbean, he’s been relaxing in a multi-million dollar abode for some time…and his fancy home has some seriously eye-catching decor.

Logan Paul owns a 66-million-year-old dinosaur skull

Vlogger Mike Majlak gave fans a tour of Logan’s mansion on a March 10 episode of Night Shift, which Majlak claims is worth $16 million.

The pool, smart appliances, and open floor plan are just a few of the additions that make this mansion worth all that cheddar cheese, but they pale in comparison to one very specific item in Paul’s living room.

Logan Paul dinosaur head vlogYouTube: Mike Majlak Vlogging

Logan Paul has affectionately named his Triceratops head ‘Dudley’.

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The YouTuber has a huge Triceratops head sitting in the corner of the room, which he says is around 66 million years old (about the end of the Cretaceous Period, when dinosaurs roamed the earth).

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He also says that the head is about 70% real bone and cost him about half a million dollars (a good deal for Paul, considering that fossils can cost millions of dollars).

“It’s a piece that has value, it’s beautiful, it’s a hallmark for a time that walked this earth,” Logan said of the piece. “It’s just amazing.”

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While it’s certainly an impressive piece of history, it’s not the wildest thing a YouTuber has in their home; After all, who could forget Jeffree Star’s wall-to-wall closet filled with designer handbags that he kept locked behind a bulletproof door with a thumbprint? scanner.

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