LoL reworks the evil cat Yuumi – but this returns even nastier with a strange bug

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The cat champion Yuumi has always caused bad moods in League of Legends in the past. So much so that the whole character has been reworked. Now the mean cat is back and even worse than before. This is due to a common bug.

What exactly can Yuumi actually do? Yuumi is a support champion in League. The cat rarely wears Summoner’s Rift itself, preferring to be carried in the truest sense of the word. Because she can hop onto another champion and support him directly.

In doing so, she no longer has any life points of her own and can only take damage if the champion she is sitting on dies or if she leaves him voluntarily. So she is always in the middle of the action and can help her “carrier” at any time.

However, the cat was hated by players for a long time because it was simply too strong. Riot touched up a few times and nerfed Yuumi, but she always held her own and was still considered a tremendously strong champion.

How did Riot react? The developers ultimately rebuilt and redesigned Yuumi. The “new” cat has been in the game for a few days now and should ensure that summoners can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

But now, of all things, a bug with the “new” Yuumi ensures that this is not the case. Because this nasty game error ensures that Yuumi can strengthen other champions enormously before the game itself has really started.

Yuumi was also a good way to rank up:

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Tears of the Goddess now also causes players to cry

What is the tear of the goddess? The bug is related to Yuumi and the Goddess Tears item. Some champions buy this item in the early game because it can slowly strengthen. Every time you cast a spell while you have Tears of the Goddess with you, they get a stack on top.

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Each stack increases your maximum mana. And that’s not all, the tear can later be converted into two different items, which can then actually take damage from the collected stacks. So the more and the faster you can collect these stacks, the better.

What is this bug? However, some players have noticed that you can collect stacks on the teardrop without doing anything yourself. Because every time Yuumi sits down on a character who has the item and then comes off, the wearer gets a stack of the item.

Since Yuumi’s ability has a negligible cooldown, a champion with Tears of the Goddess can sometimes come into lane with over 40 stacks on the item. This gives him a huge advantage before the real game has even started.

A user shared on Twitter how this can look like:

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So far, Riot has not been able to fix the bug, but it can be assumed that they are already working on it. Until then, some users are already exchanging views on how to best exploit the bug. For example, someone wrote on Twitter that you can generate up to 70 stacks with Yuumi and Ezreal, even before the 1:30 minute mark.

What do you think of the bug? Or personally from Yuumi? Don’t you like the nasty cat either, or do you think she’s not as strong as everyone says? Have you ever encountered the bug with the tear yourself? Or did you even notice someone else? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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