Newly discovered animal named after Pokemon and I hope it never gets too close

Researchers have discovered a new creature and named it after a Pokémon.

Researchers have discovered a new creature and named it after a Pokémon.

Of course, there are also numerous researchers who are Pokémon fans. Some have named their discoveries after the pocket monsters. For example, there are three types of bugs named after the legendary bird Pokémon Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos.

It even goes as far as naming a strain of bacteria after the franchise. Recently, two researchers have also come out as Pokémon fans and named their latest discovery after an Ultra Beast from Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Pokémon becomes namesake for real creatures

What kind of animal is it? Researchers Foo Maosheng and Cristian C. Lucanas have discovered a new species of cockroach on Singapore. The two scientists were able to come up with a new name and immediately thought of a cockroach Pokémon:

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What is the name of the cockroach? The new species is now called “Nocticola pheromosa”. Pheromosa is the English name of the Ultra Beast Schabelle. Also known as UB-02 Beauty, she is a Bug/Fighting-type Pokémon.

In direct comparison, the Pokémon actually bears a certain resemblance to the cockroach. Maosheng thinks the roach mimics the Pokémon with its quick movements and elongated antennae. If the animal were a lighter shade, the two would look very similar visually.

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On Twitter, the scientists profess to be Pokémon fans and joke that Ken Sugimori should also have credits for the new cockroach species. This is the artist who designs the appearance of the colorful pocket monsters.

Why are so many bugs named after Pokémon? The creator of Pokémon, Satoshi Tajiri, uses Pokémon to reflect his childhood memories. He spent most of his time in the forests of Japan collecting and cataloging countless beetle species.

So it’s a really nice tribute that many species of bugs are named after Pokémon. We’re excited to see what other creatures will be given Pokémon names in the future.

Which Pokémon do you think would be a good namesake?