Nintendo: Final trailer for the Super Mario movie shows fiery Donkey Kong

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A good two weeks have passed since the announcement and yesterday evening the time had finally come: The last trailer for Super Mario Bros. Movie celebrated its premiere.

Mario creators gathered in a mini-direct Shigeru Miyamoto and the film’s international voice actors, including Chris Pratt, Jack Black and Anya Taylor-Joy, to present the final, minute-and-a-half preview before The Plumber to the cinema on April 6th jumps. Above all, the Rainbow Road from Mario Kart was allowed to shine in all its colors.

Super Mario Movie: Of Green Tanks and Kugelwillis

Although the famous Mario Kart track was featured in an older trailer from the Super Mario Bros film, it was used again in the final promotional video as the scene of a longer argument: As fans know from the popular multiplayer hit, car racing remains in the Mushroom Kingdom no tank on the other.

Because of course not only Mario, Princess Peach and Co. are racing down the colorful slope, Bowser’s henchmen are also making it on the Rainbow Road cozy and firing around with bullet willis and green koopa tanks. But as we are used to from previous trailers, the last marketing prank before the final release is full of further allusions.

Piranha Plants, Stachis or the Inverted Pyramid Super Mario Odyssey: Illumination Studios seems to be putting a lot of effort into providing Mario fans with candy from the games. But the filmmakers obviously also have their own ideas: one Donkey Kongwho turns into a burning gorilla with a fire flower, we have never seen in the games and also the captive star that turns the lumas out Super Mario Galaxy looks like is an unknown face.

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With big leaps to publication

Since the new trailer for the Super Mario film is also the last one, it is release of course immediately before: After a clandestine postponement in January, the mustachioed plumber is now jumping on April 6th across the screens of German cinemas and not only tries to save the Mushroom Kingdom, but also his kidnapped brother Luigi.

As Miyamoto mentioned to the Direct, post-production is complete, so nothing should stand in the way of the planned release. If after the trailer embedded above you are looking for the Desire for Mario Kart grabbed: With the latest wave of DLC, the eighth part not only got new routes, but will apparently also shortly receive five new drivers.