OLED TV Hisense 55A81G: cheap alternative to LG OLED reduced to 799 euros

OLED TV Hisense 55A81G: cheap alternative to LG OLED reduced to 799 euros

The Hisense 55A81G is a 55-inch OLED TV with a resolution of 3,840 × 2,160 pixels. Unlike LCD TVs, it has self-illuminating panel technology that ensures better color accuracy and greater contrast – more on the benefits of OLED technology later in the article. In addition, it offers a brightness of 800 cd/m² and supports various HDR formats such as Dolby Vision IQ, HDR, HDR10+, and HLG. The TV has an integrated tuner and with four HDMI inputs, a composite video connection and a digital audio output (optical) you can connect various devices and play content in high quality.

In terms of audio, the Hisense 55A81G offers a 60 watt system (2× 30 W) with Dolby Atmos and DTS audio decoders. The eARC interface also enables connection to a compatible home cinema system. The TV is equipped with VIDAA U5.0 as the operating system and supports voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The device has a variety of connectivity options, namely Wi-Fi 5 (WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac), Bluetooth 5.0, USB-A 3.0, USB-A 2.0, RJ-45 and CI+. The ALLM mode (Auto Low Latency Mode) ensures minimal latency and enables a low-lag gaming experience. The TV also has Ultra HD Premium certification from the UHD Alliance as a quality feature.

So the Hisense 55A81G offers a successful combination of picture quality, audio performance and connectivity options. OLED technology and support for various HDR formats ensure an immersive viewing experience. With voice assistants, Wi-Fi connectivity and VIDAA U5.0 operating system, it also offers modern features for smooth operation. The Hisense 55A81G for currently 799 euros at Amazon is an exciting option for anyone looking for a lot of OLED TV for little money.

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Alternatives to the Hisense 55A81G – reduced OLED TVs at Amazon

The Hisense 55A81G OLED TV for 799 euros is a great offer, but there are good reasons to reach for another OLED TV. Devices with 65 inches, for example, offer 25 centimeters more screen diagonal, which simply brings a little more feeling of being in the middle. Some devices, especially LG OLED high-end models, also offer even more functions and higher image quality. Here is a selection of OLED TVs currently discounted on Amazon:

  • LG OLED48A29LA (48 inch, 4K) 699 euros at Amazon.de (instead of 799 €)
  • LG OLED65B29LA (65 inch, 4K) 1,469 euros at Amazon.de (instead of 1,549 €)
  • LG OLED65C27LA (65 inch, 4K) 1,959 euros at Amazon.de (RRP: 3,099 €)
  • LG OLED65G29LA (65 inch, 4K) 2,199 euros at Amazon.de (RRP: 3,599 €)
  • Philips 48OLED707 (48 inch, 4K) 872.64 euros at Amazon.de (RRP: 1,499 €)
  • Philips 55OLED807 (55 inch, 4K) 1,278.90 euros at Amazon.de (RRP: 1,999 €)
  • Philips 65OLED807 (65 inch, 4K) 2,049 euros at Amazon.de (RRP: 2,999 €)
  • Samsung GQ55S95B (55 inch, 4K) 1,270.58 euros at Amazon.de (instead of 1,355.07 €)
  • Samsung GQ65S95B (65 inch, 4K) 1,813.58 euros at Amazon.de (instead of 1,875 €)
  • Sony Bravia XR-55A95K/P (55 inch, 4K) 2,099 euros at Amazon.de (instead of 2,199 €)

What sets OLED TVs apart from LCD TVs

OLED TVs are known for their impressive picture quality and their ability to display deep black levels and vivid colors. Unlike traditional LCD TVs, OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) use organic materials to emit light directly, without the need for a backlight. This eliminates the typical problems associated with backlit screens such as uneven brightness or backlight bleeding. OLED TVs tend to display much higher contrast than LCD TVs because they are able to turn pixels on and off individually. This leads to particularly good black values. In addition, OLEDs can display a wider range of colors, giving them an even more realistic and vibrant image.

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Another advantage of OLED TVs is often the thin and light design. Since they do not require a backlight, OLEDs can be housed in a slim housing. This makes them easier to transport and easier to install. OLED televisions therefore offer top picture quality with deep blacks, vivid colors and high contrast. They are also slimmer and lighter than traditional LCD TVs. If you are looking for a premium viewing experience, you should consider an OLED TV.