One Piece: Manga Chapter 1077 reveals the secret power of the Seraphim

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Gradually, the mysteries that Eiichiro Oda in his work one piece introduced, dissolved. Since the Final saga started in the manga, we’ve already been given a lot of answers, although quite often they’ve come hand-in-hand with new questions. Manga Chapter 1077 is no exception.

Because here we learn what it is about the secret power of the seraphimthe successor to the Pacifista, but at the same time are left with many big question marks, which are already causing lively discussions in the community. be up massive spoilers for the latest manga chapter prepared if you continue reading from this point.

One Piece: What’s up with the mysterious Seraphim? (manga chapter 1077)

What exactly are the Seraphim? This question has plagued One Piece fans since the launch of the Pacifista successor during the incident Amazon Lilybut Creator really has many answers Eiichiro Oda not previously given, which is why most of the time was about guesswork.

Everything we know so far about these dangerous fighting machines fits on a piece of paper. The Seraphim are significantly stronger than the Pacifista generationwhy Fujitora also was convinced that she was fighting the Seven Samurai of the Seas would be of great benefit.

models like S-Snakewhich is based on Boa Hancock, S Hawk (Mihawk Dulacre), S-Bear (Bartholomäus Bär) and S Shark proved to be extremely resilient and have taken very strong attacks without getting a single scratch. You can laser beams fire and copy the fighting styles of different fighters.

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And, how could one forget that, master them the devil powers of their originalsfrom whose stem cells they were created, which is why S-Snake, for example, people with the Mero Mero no Mi can turn to stone. In addition, they also seem to be able to have foreign devil power abilities, because S-Shark is able to use the power of the floating fruit Sui Sui no Mi to use.

Since the introduction of dr Vegapunk certainly think, after all, the genius has been working on it for a long time, artificial devil fruit to create and to endow living beings with their powers.

But the secret of tremendous resilience and strength the Seraphim has been kept secret until now, although it is actually obvious. White hair, brown skin tone, black wings and a blaze on your back? That applies to them Lunaria to, whose only known member so far silly was the one under the name King served the Emperor Kaido.

One Piece: Seraphim (Pacifista): Manga Chapter 1077, spoilers
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha.

One Piece: The Secret Power of the Seraphim Resolved (Manga Chapter 1077)

The first character in One Piece who noticed the tremendous resemblance between the Seraphim and King is Zorowho appears in manga chapter 1077 Luffy and his temporary allies Lucci and Ecki reported about it. So it quickly becomes clear to the others why they cannot defeat their opponents.

Because so long the flame on his back of a Lunaria is on fire, it is almost invincible. However, his tremendous defense will weaken if he lets the flame die down a bit to increase his speed. Punk-01 aka Shaka finally confirmed that it Alber’s blood must be, which gives the Seraphim their strength.

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We remember: Alber was captured by the world government in the past and one has various experiments performed on him. First Kaido enabled the only known Lunaria to escape his prison. But apparently by this point the government already had what they wanted: his blood.

Does this power the Seraphim invincible? Not really, because like all other Devil Fruit power users, the Pacifista successors are weak once they use the power of the ocean, i.e. water, come into contact. This demonstrates Punk-02 aka Lilith impressively in the same manga chapter on S-Snake.