Pax Dei: Impressions of the detailed game world and gameplay scenes!

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from Susan Brown
The developers of Mainframe Industries want to conquer the hearts of MMO fans as early as 2023 with a social sandbox MMORPG. From the Pax Dei website we have collected some more impressions in pictures and videos that the makers of the game have already published – and the high level of detail of the Unreal Engine 5 used for Pax Dei continues to inspire.

The developers at Finnish studio Mainframe Industries want to release the social sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei, which was announced in early March, in 2023. Among other things, the inventors of the online role-playing game want to lure you to the screens with an extremely extensive crafting system. Furthermore, you should have enormous freedom in constructing your buildings and settlements based on a modular system, so that real cities can be built. In the heartland you should be offered a real home, in which every player contributes his part to the virtual overall picture and cohesion.

Pax Dei’s appearance will also have left a lot of impression on interested gamers when it was announced. The fantasy world is brought to life with Unreal Engine 5, which in turn allows for a high level of detail in the depiction of the environment and the manufactured items. To make it even clearer, we’ve collected some of the developer images from the Pax Dei official website.

Pax Dei is scheduled for release in 2023. [Quelle: Mainframe Industries]

Pax Dei – the dream of a virtual social structure