Peppa Pig included in the ‘Powerful Women’ category of Xbox Game Pass

My Friend Peppa Pig has a higher user rating than Battlefield, CoD and GTA Trilogy combined, GamersRD

Taking advantage of International Women’s Day, many companies ride the wave, including video games. Values ​​such as heroines and influential women to female characters stand out. One such company was Xbox Game Pass, which decided to join in on the fun by creating a “Powerful Women” category of games. A character that is on the list, you can tell something strange is Peppa Pig.

This is how the Reddit user saw it moonbutt, My Friend Peppa Pig was seen in the category “Powerful Women”. It can be said that technically, Peppa is female and has immense power over the children of the world and at the same time, she is also a pig, not a human. Other games included were Mirror’s Edge, Monster Hunter Rise, Moonscars, and Mortal Kombat 11. As reported by GameRant, Cities: Skylines is also on the list.

Needless to say, people were a bit confused about the inclusion, though they didn’t doubt Peppa’s power. Johnnyhustle quipped: “Peppa is pretty powerful. She just ask my two-year-old son,” while dirtyeippih added, “That pig has more power and status than most humans.” Box_me_up said, “You don’t want to fuck around and find out with Miss Peppa.”

On the PlayStation side, the “Amazing Heroines” collection included more fit options, such as Aloy, Frey, Ellie, Lara, Freya, and Kena.

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