Pokémon GO: Develop Burmy into Burmadame and Moterpel – you have to keep that in mind

Pokémon GO: Develop Burmy into Burmadame and Moterpel – you have to keep that in mind

In order to develop Burmy into Moterpel and Burmadame in Pokémon GO, you have to consider a few things. We at MeinMMO show you how to recognize which further development Burmy is made of and tell you whether the monster is also available as a Shiny.

What monster is it about? The beetle Pokémon Burmy comes from the 4th generation of games and has different forms. Here’s how you can find it with a rag, plant, or sand cloak. In addition, it can be further developed into Moterpel or Burmadame. What you have to consider in order to get the monster you want, we have summarized below.

Get Moterpel and Burmadame – you have to pay attention to that

It has these further developments: Burmy is one of the Pokémon in the game that has several different evolutions. It can evolve into either the Bug and Flying Pokémon Moterpel or Burmadame. Its type depends on which form of Burmy you develop.

Develop Moterpel – How does it work? In order to be able to secure a Moterpel, you simply have to develop one of your Burmy. The form does not matter, but it must be a male specimen. So be sure to check the gender.

How to get Burma Dame: Since you need male Burmy for the development of Moterpel, the female specimens are in demand for Burmadame. Unlike Moterpel, however, like Burmy, Burmadame also has various forms that differ both in appearance and in type. You can get the following this way:

  • Burmadame (Plant Cloak) belongs to the Bug and Plant type
  • Burma Lady (Sandumhand) is a Bug and Ground-type Pokémon
  • Burmadame (rag cloak) draws on the Beetle and Steel types
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Burmy, Moterpel & Burmadame – Appearance, Shiny, Location

This is what Burmy and its further developments look like: Burmy is a type of black worm with a ringed horn. Depending on the assumed type, the rest of its body is covered by green leaves, yellowish sand, or red rags.

Its further development Burmadame, on the other hand, is slightly larger, but also has a black body and a conspicuous horn. In contrast to Burmy, his cape is now also firmly attached to his body, which is why it is also adorned with leaves, sand or rags. In all forms, it wears matching colored ribbons on its head.

Moterpel, on the other hand, is visually reminiscent of a butterfly. The black body can also be found here, but the horn is no longer visible. Instead, two large, broad antennae in orange and white adorn its head. In addition, it has two pairs of wings in the colors yellow and orange.

Does Shiny Burmy exist? Yes, with a bit of luck you can also encounter a dazzling specimen. However, this differs only slightly from its original form. You can recognize it by its rather bluish horn and body. If you develop it further into Burmadame, you can also only recognize the shiny by the bluish skin color of the beetle. This is different with Moterpel.

This differs clearly from the normal form by a light yellow pair of wings and the blue decorations.

Burmy and Burmadame in their different forms normal (left) and as Shiny on the right as well as Moterpel normal (top right) and as Shiny (bottom left)

Where to find Burmy Burmy is a wild Pokémon. With a bit of luck, you can find and catch it in the wild. You can see it there, especially when it rains or during special events such as the Color Festival. From time to time it also turns up in special field research. Burmadame and Moterpel, on the other hand, cannot be caught in the game so far, you can only develop them.

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Is Burmy strong? No, Burmy and his developments are not particularly strong. They are therefore rather unsuitable for use in raids and the GO battle league. Here you should rather rely on one of the best attackers in Pokémon GO. We show you a selection in the following video:

Pokémon GO: The strongest attackers of all types in the video

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Do you already have your Burmy collection full? And have you been able to catch one or the other dazzling specimen of the Bug Pokémon? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

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