Rare scene: Hogwarts Legacy player accidentally feeds poor cow to giant dragon

Hogwarts Legacy offers a story difficulty level that will make things a lot easier for you.

In Hogwarts Legacy you can not only meet dragons in the open world – you can even feed them.

There are dragons in Hogwarts Legacy. So far, so unspectacular – you’ve probably already played the corresponding quest with student Poppy. But did you know that dragons also roam free in the wild outside of this? Many fans have never met one in 100 hours. But what this player has experienced here is particularly curious and funny.

JK Rowling’s transphobia: The success of Hogwarts Legacy and Harry Potter games in general indirectly benefits author JK Rowling, who participates through existing publishing rights and the associated sale of the books. Rowling continues to be active in anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric and actively supports anti-trans policies in the UK. If you want to find out more about the topic, you will find a summary of the most important controversies surrounding Hogwarts Legacy here. How and why we still write about it, you can read here.

If there wasn’t a video of this, we wouldn’t believe it

That’s what it’s about: In the open world of Hogwarts Legacy you can discover a lot. There is also a giant dragon that you can encounter. He flies around or drinks from a lake. However, only very rarely: most players do not even see it for many, many hours.

If you see the dragon, that’s actually spectacular enough in itself. But it can be even better than just seeing the majestic creature. This fan here accidentally fed a cow directly to the animal.

But one after the other. In a video by Redditor smogtownthrowaway, the sorcerer’s apprentice flies around unsuspectingly. At a randomly selected location, he takes a break and discovers cows. As is well known, they can be flipped with a spell (there’s even a trophy for it).

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At this very moment, when Blorp McFlorp (!) teases the poor cow, a dragon swoops in and grabs the cow. In any case, it wasn’t planned that way and the surprise was perfect. In the article he writes about the scene:

“So I’m level 36 (35 at the time of writing) and have never had one of that seen in game…”

Here you can surprise attack from above view:

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Extremely Rare Event: In the comments, lots of other players also write how rare this event must be. One person reports, even with 100% completeness and all trophies of never having seen a dragon outside of the quest. The same is still there with various comments from people with many hours of play.

At the same time, many are enjoying themselves Hogwarts Legacy players are also royal about this chain of unfavorable circumstances. One of the top comments revolves around the dragon probably just trying to save the cow. That’s exactly what we think is the most likely. And they all lived happily everafter…

Have you already seen a dragon in the open world?