Resident Evil: Death Island – Disappointed explanation for Jill

Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 3

In the Resident Evil: Death Island Movie Among others, the famous heroine Jill Valentine returns. However, she appears to look exactly the same in it as she did in the Resident Evil 3 remake. The official Twitter account explains why she hasn’t aged. But the explanation is not well received by many fans.

That’s why Jill Valentine shouldn’t have aged in Resident Evil: Death Island

That’s what it’s about: A new movie called Resident Evil: Death Island is coming soon. It is one CGI animated film set on Alcatraz. Apparently Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine meet in it.

You can watch a teaser trailer here:

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Jill still looks the same: The curious thing about the trailer is that Jill Valentine in Resident Evil: Death Island looks exactly the same as in Resident Evil 3 remake. And we really mean exactly the same.

The explanation for this is: According to the official Resident Evil: Death Island Twitter account, Jill Valentine is aging more slowly, because she had contracted the T-virus. He’ll take care of it. Not for mutations or for becoming a zombie, she just doesn’t age that fast.

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Fans criticize the explanation of the official Resident Evil account

This doesn’t go down well: Most of the comments below the tweet range from disappointed to amused. The explanation leaves a lot of questions and most fans are not convinced.

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The comment sums it up with the most likes and reactions: It is “Interesting‘ that it slows down their aging. But stop the virus Jill Valentine also caught in the same clothes for 20 years?

Lazy explanation? Many fans accuse the people behind the film or behind the tweet statement that the one “lazy“ be the solution. Albert Wesker I also had the T-Virus, for example, and was aged anyway.

The makers would obviously to shy away from portraying an older woman:

Doesn’t match the rest: Above all, however, the declaration is heavily criticized for the fact that it enough counterexamples gives. In the various games that take place after the plot of “Resident Evil 3”. Jill Valentine has aged quite a bit. The version here looks like it came straight out of a time machine.

On the other hand: Most of the actions and explanations as well as stories in the “Resident Evil” franchise don’t really make much sense anyway. This film should be in primarily about fan service and maybe it’s worth turning a blind eye to it.

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What do you think of Jill Valentine not wanting to age – and the explanation for it?