Sons of the Forest: Find and fly gliders – How to use your useful travel device

Sons of the Forest Glider Location Map

There is now a glider in Sons of the Forest. We at MeinMMO will show you where to find it and how to use it.

Survival hit Sons of the Forest received its first major content update on March 9th. It comes with binoculars and a glider that you can use to travel around the map. If you don’t know where to find the glider, you’ll find all the information you need here to glide through the map after all.

Find Sons of the Forest glider

Where do you find the glider? In the middle of the Sons of the Forest map is a snowy mountain landscape. There you will find the black colored glider on the mountain on a slope.

There is also a camp with orange tents on the glider where you can save and sleep. The exit is on the east side of the mountain.

The cave in which you can find the shovel serves as a rough guide. But from the cave you still have to hike a bit and climb the mountain.

Here you can see the Sons of the Forest map with the location of the glider:

Sons of the Forest Glider – How to fly the glider

How do you use the glider? The Glider is a portable object that cannot be stored in your inventory. As long as you hold it in your hands, you can use it. For this you have to press the interaction button.

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How do you fly the glider? The travel device cannot fly on its own, it can only glide. You have to equip the glider on a slope and jump down from there. The slope where you find the glider is ideal for this.

However, keep in mind that you cannot equip your GPS while gliding. Accordingly, look at the map beforehand and consider in which direction you want to fly.

Here is a summary of the controls of the glider:

  • Once you are in the air with the glider, tilt it down with the W key. This will build up speed and begin a descent.
  • If you press the S button, the glider will tilt up and slow down the speed of the glider a bit. In this way you can counteract a possible descent.
    • Since the glider only glides and cannot fly, it is not possible to use it to gain altitude in the air.
  • If you want to land with the glider, you should avoid trees and the like. In the event of a collision, you let go of the glider and, depending on the height, you incur considerable fall damage that can even kill you. If possible, always look for an open area to land on.
  • To land the glider with a bit more precision, press the S button and look up as far as you can. You are now hardly moving forward and are very slow. In this way, you can glide leisurely to the ground, similar to a parachute.

If you landed or crashed in the glider – and survived – you can still carry it around with you. Just go back to the glider and equip it. But even when carrying the glider, you will drop it if you touch a tree or something similar.

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Does the glider despawn? In our tests, the glider didn’t despawn after we collected it once. He has always stayed where we left him.

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We have tested a possible despawn in the following situations:

  • Distance – We moved so far away from the glider that it no longer rendered. When we then returned to the position where we left the glider or went back the render distance, it was still there.
  • We were also able to carry the glider to our camp and go to sleep. After the night’s rest he continued to stand in our camp.
  • Also, when logging back in after leaving the server or closing the game, the glider was where we left it before logging out.

The first update of Sons of the Forest has been successful and the innovations such as the glider and the binoculars are well received by the players:

Sons of the Forest hits home with first update – “You didn’t disappoint, good job”