Sons of the Forest: Find shotgun – Where and how to get it

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We provide you with instructions on where you can find the shotgun in Sons of the Forest and what the requirements for the weapon are.

The shotgun is one of the 30 weapons you can get hold of in the survival hit Sons of the Forest. It scores particularly well at a short distance from the target.

Where can I find the shotgun?

The shotgun is in a tomb in the northwest of the map.

Here’s where to find the shotgun:

How do I find the shotgun? Go to the indicated point on the map. There you will find a tomb.

Orientate yourself on the wooden cross that marks the exact location. Dig up the grave until you come across a corpse in the coffin. She holds the shotgun in her hand, which you can easily remove.

You can also get a GPS tracker from the corpse.

What are the requirements for the shotgun? Since you have to dig a grave, you first need the shovel to get the weapon.

Here is a guide on how to get the shovel:

Sons of the Forest: Find Shovel – With Map & Cave Exit

What ammo do I need for the shotgun? For the shotgun you need either shotgun pellets or slugs.

You can change the type of ammo by pointing the gun barrel down and then pressing “R”.

Where can I find shotgun ammo? You can get the ammo for the weapon in crates that you can find within the Sons of the Forest game world. Right at the crash site you can get some ammo for the weapon from the crates.

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So far, you can’t craft shotgun ammo yourself.

Here you will find an overview of all weapons and where you can get them: Sons of the Forest – All 30 weapons with location in the overview