Sons of the Forest: First patch with long-awaited palisade gates

Sons of the Forest

After Endnight Games recently some plans to the survival hit Sons of the Forest blurted out, the latest update finally brings certainty about speculation that has become loud. In addition to a whole slat of bug fixes, there are new ones Items, structures and general improvements.

The important things first: From now on you can better secure your dwelling against enemies. The patch finally brings the long-awaited ones palisade gates in the game. You can also use the normal ones Lock doors with sticks. This eliminates the need for cumbersome self-construction, which is the problem fix it creatively should.

Items that could only be disassembled prior to the update are now available as Entire element moveable. Exactly means: You can simply grab pieces of furniture, such as benches and the like, and thus in a different place reposition. If the element is thrown, it disintegrates into its individual parts, so that you can resources back receives.

New items bring vision to Sons of the Forest

Furthermore, there is now a binocularsas well as one hang glider, which makes it much easier to move over long distances, provided you have a head for heights. They are new too watchtowerswhich were placed in some villages of cannibals.

The previously bugged ones Fish traps have been fixed, so you can now catch fish every 5 to 10 minutes. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that they are in the water and this – due to the season – is not frozen.

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Other improvements for game comfort

“Sons of the Forest” also has some sound improvements received, which include, among other things, the cannibal songs. Furthermore is from one sleep cooldown the speech. The consumption of berries is now more worthwhile, as they provide more satiety and the energy drinks have also been in their effect adjusted.

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In the event that the game is not yet fully utilized for you, there is now one another boss fight, which refers to the food bunker. There are also additional story elements and a Headshot animation.

The complete patch list can be found on the official game page on Steam. You have problems around Sons of the Forest? Our complete solution gives you all sorts of helpful tips and is at your side with useful guides.