Sons of the Forest hits the bullseye with first update – “You didn’t disappoint, good job”

New Sons of the Forest Multiplayer Trailer Reveals 5 Cool Details – Launches day after tomorrow on Steam

Steam hit Sons of the Forest has received its first content update in Early Access. MeinMMO collects a few reactions and sees a happy community.

Sons of the Forest hit like a bomb when it was released on Steam. You couldn’t even buy the new survival hit for the first two hours because the Steam servers couldn’t cope with the onslaught.

Now came the first content update, here are a few of the highlights:

  • Mini boss fight
  • binoculars and hang gliders
  • Defensive Wall Gate
  • Kelvin no longer cuts treehouse trees
  • New story elements

MeinMMO asked around how the new update was received. We’ll show you voices from the community when the next update will come and whether it’s worth checking back. If you are still looking for a few starter tips for the game, watch our video:

5 tips for a good start in Sons of the Forest

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“Patch 1 – 10/10”

What are the reactions to the update? A look at the Sons of the Forest subreddit quickly reveals that many players are very pleased with the update. There are hundreds of positive comments like that of user Neichin: “Patch 1 – 10/10” (via

Which is also due to the fact that the developers have not raised any great expectations. A few questions about the future have been answered since the release, but it was always made clear: You’re taking your time, you want to make a cool game.

User Lampman28’s comment is symbolic of this (via “I was only expecting a few bug fixes, but this is a welcome surprise. They added a lot more than I expected in the first update. Good job, Endnight Games”.

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Many users have their own highlights. User adam_nl celebrates that you can finally build tree houses, Mercy_CC is happy about the boss fight, am-345 is happy about the new wall gates (via And anyone who has tried the new glider is only flying anyway:

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A few negative voices criticize the shotgun’s big nerf. The powerful weapon lost half its damage, and some feel the debuff is overkill. User Sors_Numine writes: “Argh, why did they nerf the shotgun so hard. […] It was my ultimate ‘get out, I’m building here’ for cannibals.

All in all, the update was overwhelmingly received by many players.

Is it worth checking back? If you’ve just completed a 20-hour run, it’s better to wait a few more weeks before starting a new adventure. The changes are not comprehensive enough for a complete re-run.

But if you are curious, you can experience the new content in an old save. The mini-boss spawns in the corresponding bunker and the new items can also be found. Find out here what else the developers have planned.

When is the next update coming? Sons of the Forest plans to bring a new content update every 2 or every 4 weeks. You can use this to estimate in advance whether it will be a major or minor update.

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The current update came 2 weeks after release, so it is considered a small update. The next update is coming on March 23rd – again a 2-week patch.

Overall, Sons of the Forest will remain in Early Access for 6 to 8 months. So by the end of 2023 we will still have a lot of innovations to come if the developers stick to the content rhythm that the first update has now presented. However, that remains to be seen.

What do you say about the update? What do you wish for the next patch? Leave a comment on the topic. For recommendations on your Sons of the Forest grind, check out 5 Steam Co-op Games to Fill the Sons of the Forest Void.