Sons of the Forest now has binoculars – Here’s how to find them and how to use them properly

Sons of the Forest binoculars ingame map location

Sons of the Forest received binoculars with the first major content update. We’ll show you where to find it and how to use it.

Sons of the Forest is the big hit among survival games in early 2023. The Endnight Games title entered Early Access on February 23rd and was an immediate hit on Steam. Almost two weeks after the release, on March 9th, Sons of the Forest received the first major content update.

In addition to a glider and the improvement for the gate, the update also brought binoculars. We’ll show you how to build it and use it properly.

Find Sons of the Forest binoculars

Where can you find the binoculars? You can find the binoculars in the northeast of the map on the beach. On the beach there are some red kayaks in the sand and the binoculars are on one of these kayaks. There is also a lot of loot such as provisions, wire and the camouflage suit for Virginia.

If you have trouble finding the kayaks, you can use a nearby cave as a guide. The cave is also on the beach in the northeast of the map and is an important part of Sons of the Fortest to progress in the game. In the cave you will find the scuba gear you need to get the shovel.

In the following pictures you can see where the binoculars were found on the map, the cave as a point of orientation and the red kayak on which the binoculars are lying:

Use Sons of the Forest binoculars

How are the binoculars used? In the nature of Sons of the Forest there are many trees and bushes that limit your view. In order to have an ideal overview, it makes sense to combine the binoculars with a lookout tower or something similar.

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To use the binoculars, all you have to do is equip them in your inventory. In your expanded inventory you will find it directly under the backpack, to the right of your GPS:

Sons of the Forest inventory binoculars

Additionally, since the second Sons of the Forest hotfix, you can also hotkey the binoculars and equip them with a single button press. Which button you use for this is up to you.

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