Sons of the Forest update finally fixes the most annoying Kelvin bug

Sons of the Forest takes off.

Kelvin is at our side with advice and action in Sons of the Forest. Okay, actually just action.

Sons of the Forest immediately conquers the hearts of its players with Kelvin. However, the good guy tends to get to work a little overzealously. Especially with regard to logging in combination with our tree houses. But the latest update fixes this small problem.

Kelvin no longer clumps treehouses

That’s what it’s about: The Early Access version of Sons of the Forest has received an update. This fixes various bugs and makes Kelvin a little more lovable. However, he also loses some of his charm: he no longer falls tree houses.

It was one of his favorite pastimes. At least if we had given him the order to cut wood. Then there was no stopping Kelvin and above all he didn’t make any exceptions. Which led to countless very funny events:

You can read what else is in yesterday’s update for Sons of the Forest in the linked GamePro article. Some of the highlights include new items like gliders and binoculars, the ability to move furniture, barricade doors with sticks, and more.

Fans who have already played diligently should be particularly happy about the new content such as story events, a boss fight and newly added building elements.

Before the update, there were players who beat Sons of the Forest in under 8 minutes. The update is likely to change some of their speedrun strategies again.

When is it coming out? That’s not decided yet. The regular release of Sons of the Forest was remodeled to an Early Access launch just before launch. That means it will probably take a while before the full release takes place. But at least we can play now, if only on PC.

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Is there also a console version? Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether Sons of the Forest will also come to PS5 and Xbox Series S/X or PS4 and Xbox One (or even the Nintendo Switch). The developers of Sons of the Forest are positive about this and the predecessor The Forest also came for PS4, but nothing of the sort has been officially announced yet.

Do you think it’s a pity that Kelvin is becoming more sensible now? What is your highlight from the update, what are you still hoping for?