Starfield: Release in 2023 – finally confirmed via trailer!


The space epic Starfield is probably one of the most coveted video games of recent years, for which the whole world is gnashing its teeth and eagerly awaiting. Because a “Skyrim in space” by Bethesda himself only happens once in a lifetime? As long as there is no sequel…

It’s just a pity that it’s in the postponed last year became. Although it has to be said that such a postponement for the end result is usually a good thing. After all, the developers then have more time to work on their masterpiece.

But nobody likes to wait and so now we finally have certainty when the title will finally be released. Because Bethesda has one new trailer shared: the official launch trailer finally reveals the release date.

When is Starfield coming out? The space RPG celebrates on September 6, 2023 its release! Assuming it doesn’t get postponed again, of course. But we are not assuming that at the moment.

Check out the latest trailer here, which showcases some exciting details about the game.

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Why are we all excited for Starfield?

As of this writing, we already know a lot about the game. We will be in “Starfield” among others explore planets can, we know how we Build, customize and fly spaceships and a first impression of the combat mechanics and character creation we were also allowed to do it in advance.

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The first major franchise after 25 years of company history naturally raises great expectations in us. And if it really turns out like this The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimas producer Todd Howard (Game Director) has repeatedly hinted, the game certainly has a bright future ahead of it.

Bethesda itself is therefore investing heavily in the new game. According to its own statement, it should even do that most played Bethesda game become at all. Well, will that work? We are excited and look forward to the release with a lot of joy.