The Adventures of Bryan Scott: Kickstarter campaign launched – News

The Adventures of Bryan Scott: Kickstarter campaign launched - News

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Radio Silence Studios from Germany have theirs on March 9th kickstarter-Campaign to the upcoming point-and-click adventure The Adventures of Bryan Scott started and already reached half of the minimum target of 24,500 euros within a short time. Tom Stossno has been working on the game for two years and explains in the German-language Kickstarter video linked below what the studio wants to use the requested budget for.

In the role of Bryan Scott, the son of a well-known archaeologist, you go in search of the lost treasure hunter Kate Williams and end up in the Ethiopian desert. You become acquainted with a secret society and keep an eye out for the legendary treasure of the Queen of Sheba. So there are enough ingredients for an exciting adventure.

The game was largely inspired by Baphomet’s curse, which you should not only be able to watch but also listen to in the game. The English as well as the German speaker of the protagonist from Broken Sword, George Stobbart, have already been engaged. So should Alexander Schottky the German voice of Bryan Scott and Rolf Saxon adopt the English version. Other professional voices are to follow. The prerequisite, however, is that the campaign reaches the stretch goal of 35,000 euros for the English language and 55,000 euros for the German language by April 8th. You can get more information from the campaign page remove.

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If you want to support the ambitious project, the reward at the 20-euro level includes a digital license of the game. The Big Box for collectors would be available from the 70 euro level. If everything goes according to plan, the finished game should be released in December 2025.