The Big PC Games Quiz #16: How well do you know Master of Orion?

The galaxy of Master of Orion 2 is shown on an overview map.

Not all festivals have to be celebrated as they fall. At the end of February, for example, Master of Orion 3 celebrated its 20th anniversary – but we’d rather keep the cloak of silence about the much-maligned third part, because the title can hardly keep up with its three series comrades. For example, I wasn’t a stupid kid anymore, but obviously a very stupid student, because as a big fan of the second part, I blindly bought the third Master of Orion. Only to end up with a bugged game with poor AI, which the developers dropped like a hot potato after two rushed patches – except at least hot potatoes taste good. And then promptly flew off my hard drive a few days later, to eke out a desolate CD existence in the most run-down quarter of my games shelf.

But enough of the sad stories, because the series offers so much more than the black star sheep Master of Orion (buy now ) 3. For example the masterpiece Master of Orion 2, the often copied but seldom achieved debut or the series reboot that surprisingly appeared in 2016 (here our test). If you think that you are particularly familiar with these titles, you should still be put to the test in our quiz of the week. As always, cheating is of course not forbidden, but against Starfarer honor.

Ah, good old days. Back when an entire galaxy could fit on a 640×480 CRT monitor.
Source: PC Games

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Those who prefer to while away the time in more down-to-earth 4X strategy titles or related games might also find our quizzes on the grand strategy forge Paradox or the genre forefather Civilization interesting. After all, Stellaris, Crusader Kings and Co. are at least relatively close in terms of gameplay. And Sid Meier’s classic launched the whole genre anyway.

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