The Last of Us series features Ellie’s mother and here’s the first real picture

We don't actually get to see Ellie's mother in The Last of Us game.

We don’t actually get to see Ellie’s mother in The Last of Us game.

The game adaptation of HBO’s The Last of Us is fast approaching its finale. Among other things, we’ll finally see Ellie’s mother, played by Ashley Johnson – the original Ellie. A first image now shows us what the character looks like in a flashback and what to expect.

The Last of Us: Season Finale Finally Shows Ellie’s Mom

This is what the first correct picture looks like: Ellie’s mother Anna was already seen in one of the first trailers. Since, however, only very briefly and from the side. This time we get a head-on look at the role of Ashley Johnson. Here you can have a look at the separately published picture:

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The same picture is also in the Teaser for the ninth and final episode of the first season of The Last of Us. You can see it here, get ready for something:

The Last of Us Series - Teaser prepares you for the season finale


The Last of Us Series – Teaser prepares you for the season finale

What’s so special about Ashley Johnson? Ellie’s mother, Anna, is played here by Ashley Johnson. Which brings us full circle: Ashley Johnson was the one who voiced and impersonated Ellie in both The Last of Us games.

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So the resemblance is no coincidence and the well-fitting cast is no coincidence. The Actress is not the only onewhere it went like this:

This could happen: The image makes it clear that Ellie’s mother, Anna, is shown in a flashback. She appears to be heavily pregnant and fleeing from something – we see her in the forest with a panicked look. It may be attacked by clickers.

It would also be conceivable that this could explain Ellie’s immunity. Maybe she got the Cordyceps fungus in the womb and was able to develop antibodies against it? Firefly leader Marlene could also get an appearance here, after all she knew Anna.

So far, the only thing that is certain is that we will experience here what was originally supposed to be a second DLC for The Last of Us. A short story about Ellie’s mother already existed but didn’t make it into the game.

When is the last episode coming? It won’t be long now. The finale of the first season of The Last of Us will be broadcast on March 13th. Then that was it for the series and the events of the first game are ticked off. But don’t worry: Season 2 is definitely coming.

Are you excited to finally see Ellie’s mom? What do you expect from the grand season finale?