The Resident Evil 4 demo has a secret difficulty and this is how you unlock it

A lot changes in the Resident Evil 4 remake, but not everything.

The secret level of difficulty is not so easy to discover.

Are you already really curious about the Resident Evil 4 Remake? Then you can jump into the fray with a demo on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Steam. There are no selectable difficulty levels by default, but the development team has nevertheless hidden an ultra-hard mode well in the demo. We’ll tell you how to play it.

Play Resident Evil 4 demo in MASSACRE mode

The demo is available until March 24th, i.e. until the release of the game. If you click on “new game”, then it starts right away. Even with the standard level of difficulty, which the small sample offers you, it can’t be that easy to survive the enemy waves in a confined space if you don’t yet know exactly how to do it best.

However, are you real Resi professionals or are you looking for a special challenge? for the relatively short part of the game, then the hidden “MASSAKER mode” should be right for you. This is only available in the demo, not in the final game – and it’s not that easy to unlock in this playable teaser either.

Here’s how you can play the mode

In fact, the development team came up with an unusual trick to hide the mode. It is randomly offered when starting a new game (or not) and is then only available for this attempt.

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Tip: Do you want to gamble the mode, then just click on “new game” again and again. At some point it will be offered to you. However, we had to restart about 20 times during our attempt. Whether that’s a cool secret or rather annoying, you have to decide for yourself.

Resident Evil 4 - New gameplay from the remake and demo announced


Resident Evil 4 – New gameplay from the remake and demo announced

Incidentally, we had already finished the demo on the normal difficulty level before we were offered the extra hard mode. Resident Evil 4 Full Remake is coming March 24th for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The Microsoft console is therefore not offering a Last Gen version.

Were you offered the mode? And how many times did you have to start a new game to do this?