There’s a cool trophy feature hiding in the PS5 update

Diese PS5-Funktion ist ein echter Gewinn.

PS5 users should update their device regularly, there could be cool features in the update.

Sony regularly releases system software updates. If you have a PS5, you should also download and install it. This not only brings you security, performance and stability, but often also new features. Some of them are small and hidden like this one, but of course that doesn’t make them any less cool.

PS5 update brings new animation for platinum trophies

That’s what it’s about: The latest firmware update for the PS5 has recently become available for download and includes various improvements. It listens to the patch or version number 7.00 and can already be downloaded. The most prominent features include the ability to finally use the PS5 Discord:

Small but nice new feature: What many of you may not have noticed is already being celebrated on the internet. The fresh PS5 update also launches a new animation for the platinum trophy.

If you claim one of the coveted achievements, it will now look like this video:

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That makes a lot more difference than was previously the case. Especially those who often grab one or the other platinum trophy should be happy about that. Of course, if you’re never motivated to get the very best out of your games anyway, you won’t get that much out of it.

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This is what else is in the PS5 update:

Besides the Discord integration and the platinum animation, there’s a whole lot more that patch 7.00 brings.

For example, there would be improved support of 1440p monitors. If they have an HDMI 2.1 connection, you can now use the VRR function (i.e. a variable refresh rate) with your PS5 on them.

Also very cool: The DualSense can now also be updated via Bluetooth. This means that you no longer have to connect the controller with a cable for an update.

Also, it’s easier for you now Transfer data from PS4 to PS5request and start screen shares, join games directly from party chats and you can finally sort and filter the game library.

Which improvement from the PS5 update do you like the most?