They accuse MrBeast of making money with fake charities and he defends himself

They accuse MrBeast of making money with fake charity and he responds

Popular YouTube content creator Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has been embroiled in controversy over claims that his videos aren’t really charity and that he profits from them internally.

The accusation that these videos are not really charity work was made on Twitter. MrBeast at the time of writing this post has 137 million subscribers on a main channel and 12.1 million on a secondary channel called Beast Philanthropy.

A video was recently released titled “Giving 20,000 shoes to children in Africa”. In the video, Donaldson explained that many children have to walk barefoot to school because they don’t have shoes, so he and his team decided to help.

as reported desertedIn a tweet that is no longer publicly available, a Twitter user expressed concern that the YouTuber’s work “not really charitable”, as they believed he benefited from the videos on the Beast Philanthropy channel. In response to the tweet, Donaldson confirmed that this is not the case.

“No hate, [probablemente] You just haven’t seen this channel, but it’s actually a charity, and obviously I don’t benefit from that.” answered. “100% of all proceeds from Beast Philanthropy go towards running my food banks and helping alleviate human suffering, and since inception I have personally invested millions in Beast Philanthropy. That’s the point, create content to help people make more money to help more people.”

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Shortly after this, he tweeted: “Just a reminder for those of you who don’t normally watch this channel, Beast Philanthropy is a charity we run and all proceeds from these videos go towards running our food pantries and helping people around the world. Our charity owns this channel, I thought it would be fun to use my fame to create a cycle of support. Record good deeds, inspire millions of children to do good, use proceeds from good deeds to do the next good deed.”