Trymac’s “No Food Challenge”: Health risks for the perfect content

Trymacs No Food Challenge Gesundheit

Trymacs is now something like that Master of Challenges and events in YouTube Germany. Now the 28-year-old has rounded up his streamer colleagues for a new task. He wants as part of a challenge eat nothing for seven days. What sounds funny and entertaining in this context can be health-related backfire.

No Food Challenge: Trymacs wants to “brutally starve” for seven days

There is a new one for Trymacs and seven of his colleagues live challenge at. The candidates will not eat for seven days. At the same time, they have to every day Walk 2 kilometers on the treadmill, cook other food and continue their normal pull through streams. You can be there live 24/7.

“All challenges are designed to fuck each other up and really get on our nerves.”

These are the participants of the No Food Challenge:

  • Trymacs
  • LetsHugo
  • AbuGoku
  • Rohat
  • Noahzett28
  • nici
  • Additotoro
  • Stephen Gerick

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YouTubers are always setting themselves different tasks in order to converse, to clear up or a bit of in which. Diets, especially extreme ones, can heavy burden be for the body. This raises the question of whether, with such challenges, in addition to entertainment, health and the risks not be forgotten.

Challenges: between health and entertainment

Trymacs explains in its No Food Challenge video that for the health integrity of everyone involved is taken care of and calls for this to be done not to imitate.

“Of course, that also has some risks, so we will definitely have a nutritionist and a doctor around the clock at the start. […] Theoretically, someone could faint, so by no means try to do it at home.”

An important aspect, because as funny as this challenge may be, it holds many risks. Every body reacts differently to extreme dietary changes. Diets are also often criticized because the Desired effects often fail to materialise or even hit in that Opposite around. The Jojo effect is probably one of the best-known phenomena of this kind.

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In addition to various diets were juice cleanses long in hype. Every meal is replaced by a juice over a certain period of time. Supplies can easily be ordered online. Is it really that healthy? questionable. Allegedly, this type of diet is supposed to clean body and fast follower succession show.

The boys from DoctorFroid have undergone such a juice cleanse. The result was sobering Paul even had to quit. Powerlessness and lack of concentration were the harmless consequences of the experiment for him.

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Scientific Evidence for the promised successes of such diets, there are almost none. side effects such as headaches, dizziness or fainting spells are real and not uncommon. Above all, influencers should draw attention to such consequencesif your content focuses on entertainment.

Here is our disclaimer again: only do such diets under medical supervision and seek advice beforehand. Every body reacts differently to such an extreme change. This can quickly become dangerous!