Twitch: That’s why Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien prefers to stream at the moment

Twitch: Amouranth's stalker first arrested after attempted break-in

from Sebastian Glanzer
More and more celebrities are creating a Twitch channel and are active on the live streaming platform. That includes Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien, who became even more famous with the fourth season of the cult series. However, due to an incident with a producer, she is reconsidering acting and instead focusing on Twitch streaming.

Actress Grace Van Dien has appeared in many films and TV series in the past, but the success of Stranger Things has pushed her career even further. The fans of the 26-year-old were all the more surprised when, after the end of season 4, they could be seen more and more often on the live streaming platform There she gambles under the name BlueFille and has now accumulated almost 300,000 followers.

Their most played games tend to be Valorant and Fortnite. However, the fact that the actress focuses on streaming has a negative background.

Stranger Things star reveals why she’s spending more time on Twitch

During a live stream, Grace Van Dien, daughter of Casper Van Dien, told viewers that she turned down acting gigs to focus on streaming instead. The actress said she “didn’t have the best experiences with some of the people she had to work for on her recent projects.”

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According to the ‘Stranger Things’ star, the film producer in question talked someone he was sleeping with into convincing Van Dien to have a threesome. The Twitch clip with this statement was online for a while but has since been deleted. You can still watch the clip in the tweet below.

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