With ChatGPT: WatchGPT brings AI tool to Apple Watch

With ChatGPT: WatchGPT brings AI tool to Apple Watch

from Claus Ludewig
In order to be able to interact with the AI ​​tool ChatGPT on the wrist, there is the new WatchGPT app for the Apple Watch.

ChatGPT has been a big topic since the beginning of the year, not only in the IT world. With the AI ​​tool from Open AI there is a text generator. Each text entered is evaluated quantitatively, i.e. using statistical methods, using AI pattern recognition technology. Ultimately, texts are then generated for a few entered keywords. App developers can Build AI technology into their appsas the developers of WatchGPT show.

ChatGPT on Smartwatch still without dialogs

This is how the WatchGPT app brings the AI ​​tool to the Apple Watch. Users can not only enter their texts, but also dictate them by voice. The answer can then be forwarded via e-mail or other apps using the share function of watchOS. So far, no dialogue with the ChatGPT integration is possible with WatchGPT. However, developer Hidde van der Ploeg promises to submit this later. The app is currently only available in English, Spanish, French and Dutch. However, questions can also be asked in German. If you want to use WatchGPT, you have to buy the app in the Apple App Store for 4.99 euros.

Apple recently caused a stir when the developer of Bluemail complained that its app update was not published in the App Store. In the justification, the iPhone manufacturer writes that an age filter must be used as soon as AI functions are included in an app. With the new version of Bluemail, ChatGPT can be used to suggest email wording by analyzing the content of previous messages.

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Collection on ChatGPT on Apple Watch:

  • Chat GPT can now be used in the WatchGPT app on the wrist. Users can not only enter their questions in text form, but also dictate them.
  • Although the paid app is not available in German, questions can be asked in German.
  • WatchGPT is available in the Watch Store for EUR 4.99. In a future update it should be possible to ask dialogues instead of just individual questions.

Source: golem