WoW: Gamble Dragonflight for free – Free weekend for inactive players

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from Susan Brown
Apparently, those responsible for Activision Blizzard are increasingly focusing on bringing WoW: Dragonflight to potential players, because it will be loaded again for a free trial weekend. By March 12, 2023, all inactive WoW accounts will be upgraded to Dragonflight.

Already in On December 2nd, 2022, Activision Blizzard officials decided to extend WoW: Dragonflight to all inactive WoW accounts unlock for free, likely to boost sales of the latest expansion a bit. And this is currently happening again: Until March 12, 2023, Dragonflight content is activated for free for all inactive WoW accounts, so that you can travel to the Dragon Islands and try out dragon riding. The following rules apply:

This free activation does not apply to WoW Classic or WoW WotLK Classic. Up to and including March 12, 2023, no WoW subscription or game time is required to play World of Warcraft (buy now )(including the Dragonflight expansion). At the end of the trial period, World of Warcraft requires a WoW subscription or game time to play, and Dragonflight purchase is required to continue accessing Caller of the Dracthyr and other Dragonflight content. The player must pay any internet fees incurred.

Characters can experience the Dragonflight main campaign in the Awakening Coast zone up to and including the quest “The Duty of Care.” In order to progress beyond level 60 with your own character or the Dracthyr Caller, Dragonflight must be purchased. All experience gained beyond level 60 is accumulated (up to level 70) and granted to you after purchasing Dragonflight.

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