WoW Patch 10.1: Cross-faction guilds can be moved in the Zeifel

The Cloudburst Regalia from the WoW: Dragonflight pre-patch returns in patch 10.0.7.

from Susan Brown
The functionality of the cross-faction guilds can now be tested on the test server for WoW Patch 10.1 – but everything is still beta. And the WoW developers make it clear that if in doubt, they will move the cross-faction guilds to an update after WoW Patch 10.1 if the system is immature.

The test server too WoW Patch 10.1 is available and allows the champions of Azeroth to try out the first content, such as the Zaralek Cave or any number of planned class balancing adjustments. Or the cross-faction guilds, which became a bit of a side note in the patch 10.1 content announcement. And maybe for a valid reason.

To the PTR forum post by WoW Community Manager Bornakk on the faction-spanning guilds, it can be seen that the developers of the online role-playing game are not yet 100 percent sure how inviting faction opponents to the guild can be made pleasant. The most important information about it: “We hope to bring this feature to the game with Ember of Neltharion, but depending on the extent of the issues uncovered during the public testing, we may have to postpone it in order to have the best possible experience We are unlocking a “work in progress” version of the functionality at the start of this PTR to give us as much time as possible to identify and fix issues,” writes Bornakk. So the cross-faction guilds became a side note rather than the absolute headliner of 10.1 information.

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What works and what doesn’t

The implementation on the test server seems rudimentary so far. We found out at least once that creating guilds across factions doesn’t work so far. We were able to send a request for a signature for the articles of association to a character from the opposite faction, but it never got through to them. There is also a bug on the PTR that post cannot be sent to guild members of the other faction. Furthermore, Bornakk posted the following comments: