WoW Patch 10.1: Massive changes for shadow priests

WoW Patch 10.1: Worgen get a comfort folk ability

from Sebastian Glanzer
With WoW Patch 10.1, the priest’s shadow play is turned upside down. Various talents and abilities are gone and replaced by new ones. The first changes to the Shadow read almost as extensively as those for the Retribution Paladin, whose major class overhaul is the focus of Patch 10.0.7.

The priest’s shadow play has always been a problem spec for Blizzard developers. No matter how they approach the Priest’s DpS play – it never really feels smooth. Already in the past we had the feeling that the Devs no vision for the “Shadow” in Dragonflight either have.

Some adjustments in the current expansion at least made sure that the shadow priest caused a lot of damage. As already in Developer Interview by Dratnos announced, devote the developers with WoW Patch 10.1 the Shadow Priest again and turn the gameplay upside down.

Massive class changes for Shadow Priests in WoW Patch 10.1

In addition to several changes to talents and abilities, the developers intend to address four aspects of the Shadow Priest in particular:

  • The button bloat: Shadow Priests have more abilities in their rotation than many other classes. To reduce the number of buttons, goad of thought the ability mind flay replace and mind explosion removed from the game.
  • mind explosion: The developers felt that the experiment of making Mind Blast a donor ability was worth trying. However, the gameplay with Mind Blast doesn’t feel as smooth as intended. The spell is removed and the focus shifts to AoE damage instead psychic connection placed.
  • “flooded rotation”: There are times in the rotation where multiple spells will compete to be cast due to proc frequency and overall insanity generation. The developers are adjusting some procs and insanity generation of several talents to achieve a clearer flow in the rotation.
  • Lack of unique builds: With updates to existing talents and some new talents, the developers are aiming to make more build-defining choices, such as investing in cooldowns, damage-over-time effects, critical damage, or shadowy apparitions.
  • PvP: In Dragonflight, the Shadow Priest has access to more instants through procs and cooldowns than ever before. Because it was difficult to stop Shadow Priests from getting kills, the developers reduced Shadow’s damage in Season 1. WoW Patch 10.1 removes some of the problematic procs and cooldowns, giving more counters to the Shadow’s offense. This allows devs to mitigate some of the damage nerfs to the spec.
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Below you will find the details previously communicated by Blizzard

WoW: Cinematic in the game from Patch 10.0.7: Secrets of the Island (German)

  • mind devourer now increases the damage of the next Devouring Plague by 8/15% when the proc becomes active.
  • meltdown No longer reduces the cast time of Mind Blast.
  • meltdown is now a 2-point talent.
  • meltdown increases Mind Blast’s critical strike chance by 10/20% (up from 25%) and stacks up to 4 times (up from 2 stacks).
  • Idol of C’Thun can now be triggered by Mind Spike and Void Torrent.
  • Idol of C’Thun now spawns a void lasher when more than two targets are nearby. Otherwise, a Void Tentacle will spawn.
  • Idol of C’Thun: Mind Flay damage reduced by 20%.
  • Idol of C’Thun: Mind Blast damage increased by 75%.
  • C’Thun Idol’s Void Lasher and Void Tentacles generate 15 Insanity points during their duration (was 30 points).
  • C’Thun Idol’s Mind Blast deals reduced damage beyond five targets.
  • C’Thun Idol’s Mind Blast cast time no longer scales with haste.
  • Mind Flay and Mind Blast from Idol of C’Thun and Echoing Void from Idol of N’Zoth and Void Storm now have a 5% damage variance.
  • Mind Spike replaces Mind Flay.
  • Mind Spike damage increased by 15%.
  • Mind Flaying: Madness has been renamed to Surge of Insanity.
  • Surge of Insanity generates 12 points of insanity over its cast time (was 16 points).
  • Surge of Insanity now empowers the next Mind Spike cast.
  • Surge of Insanity now lasts 15 seconds (up from 10 seconds).
  • Surge of Insanity can now generate two charges.
  • Added Surge of Insanity and Mindspike: Insanity to the personal resource overview interface.
  • screams of emptiness has been redesigned: Devouring Plague causes Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch to deal damage 40/80% faster for the next 3 seconds.
  • mental decay now also increases the duration of Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch by 2 seconds when Mind Spike is used.
  • Dark Sermon can now also be triggered by Mind Spike.
  • Insidious Rage now also affects Void Storm damage.
  • new talent Thought Harvester: Mind Blast gains an additional charge.
  • new talent Whispering Shadows: Shadow Missile generates an additional 6 points of Insanity and applies Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch to up to eight targets it hits.
  • new talent Voidtouched: Increases the damage of Devouring Plague by 6% and increases your maximum Insanity points by 50.
  • new talent Mastermind: Increases the critical strike chance of Mind Blast, Mind Flay, and Mind Spike by 2/4% and increases critical damage of abilities by 13/25%.
  • new talent Phantasmal Pathogen: Shadowy Phenomena deal 75/150% more damage against targets afflicted by Devouring Plague.
  • new talent Mind’s Eye: Reduces the Insanity cost of Devouring Plague by 5 points.
  • Excruciating pain generates 1 more point of insanity per rank (from 3 and 5 points).
  • Ancient madness is now a 1-point talent.
  • Dark Ascension and Void Eruption should now override each other’s ability in the action bar when you change those talents.
  • Several talent nodes have changed their position in the talent tree.
  • The Shadow Priest starter build has been updated.
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Once again, that’s a whole lot of changes coming to the Shadow Priest. The biggest change is certainly that the gameplay with the elimination of Mind Blast no longer has a real AoE ability and the focus is on DoTs. First off, this is a massive nerf as reworks for Psychic Link won’t make up for it.