WoW Patch 10.1: Popular necklace elemental loop is nerfed

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from Sebastian Glanzer
Every main character and what feels like all twinks and their grannies have had the decoration or the elemental loop necklace aka Lariat crafted in WoW: Dragonflight. The effect of the strong decoration is now weakened with WoW Patch 10.1. The developers explain why they are doing this.

For classes in WoW: Dragonflight, there are many different craft items with special effects that ambitious players definitely want. The necklace slot has the most overlap. Because the elementary loop (or known to many as “Lariat”) has such a strong proc effect that there is no way around the item.

The effect of Elemental Loop causes the socketed elemental gems in the necklace to be empowered, granting you 330 points (in the item level 350 version) of the gem’s corresponding value for 12 seconds. The developers have this almost indispensable strong effect on their screens and will him with Patch 10.1 weaken.

WoW Patch 10.1: Nerf for elemental loop

  • The duration of the proc from elementary loop is reduced from twelve to five seconds. However, the duration of the proc is increased by one second for each Elemental Gem equipped.

This is what the developers say about the change: “The Elemental Loop was one of the strongest adornments, as it could grant a large amount of the desired stats based on an easily met condition. We knew we wanted to scale back its power at the end of the season, but it was important to us that the players’ investment is respected in acquiring the item or recipe.

Rather than directly reducing the item’s power, we chose to redesign the passive effect to bring the necklace in line with all other jewelcrafting effects by scaling the effect with the amount of gems used. The end result is that the Elemental Loop will be less powerful early in a player’s gear phase than it is now, while retaining its place as a powerful item as players begin to round out their gear with additional sockets. We look forward to receiving your feedback.”