WoW: These bosses await you in Aberrus (Spoilers!)

WoW Patch 10.1: Massive changes for shadow priests

Patch 10.1 for World of Warcraft brings many new features into play. Zaralek Cave is the new area that lies beneath the surface of the Forbidden Island. In the dark depths of Zaralek lies Aberrus, the secret laboratory of Neltharion where the fallen Earth Warden conducted dubious experiments eons ago. Aberrus is a spooky place full of dangerous creatures and monsters just waiting to break out of the lab.

The proto-drake incarnations target Aberrus, as does Sarkareth, who leads the rebellious Shatterscale Dracthyr. Both factions appear in Aberrus, but what exactly are they looking for there? And what awaits us in the second raid of WoW (buy now ): Dragon Flight? Attention: After the teaser, which leads you to further WoW information, there are spoilers for the bosses!