WoW: Worgen get the coolest ability of the Dracthyr that everyone wanted

WoW: Worgen get the coolest ability of the Dracthyr that everyone wanted

Worgen soon take a slice from the Dracthyr. Because they can decide more about their shape in the future in World of Warcraft.

Ever since the release of Dragonflight, and the Dracthyr in particular, the worgen have looked at the new race with envy. Because like the furry friends from Gilneas, the Dracthyr have two forms with which they can go into battle. But where the Dracthyr have some nice settings for the behavior of their dragon form, worgen have looked in the pipe so far. But patch 10.1 Embers from Neltharion is supposed to change that.

What ability do dracthyr have? Dracthyr, like other dragons in World of Warcraft, have the ability to switch between two forms. While in combat they are forced to remain in Dracthyr form almost all of the time – because some spells and animations require it – they are free to shift around as Dracthyr or humanoid when out of combat.

You can even set a default here using the Chosen Identity spell. So you can choose whether the Dracthyr automatically goes back into humanoid form at the end of the fight or not.

What do worgen get? With Patch 10.1, Worgen will also be able to enjoy such an ability. All Worgen players will receive the Calm the Wolf ability, which basically does the same functionality for Worgen. This allows worgen to choose whether they want to automatically switch back to their human form after the fight or – as before – remain in worgen form.

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The change seems to be well received by the fans and could even motivate one or the other to play a Worgen in the future.

How do you like this innovation? Useful and logical? Or does that detract from the uniqueness of the Dracthyr?