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March 11, 2023 – 1:15 — Last updated 22 minutes ago

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On Thursday is the “2.0 update” for Battle Cry of Freedom appeared. You can watch the update trailer right below this news. Battle Cry of Freedom is the first third-person multiplayer shooter in the American Civil War. He will be developed by Flying Squirrel Entertainment. Behind it are four people, all of whom started as modders. They draw for the Mod Mount & Musket for Mount & Blade – Warband as well as its official extension Napoleonic Wars responsible. A highlight of the update is the introduction of cavalry along with towed artillery and the associated speed on the battlefield, as well as new tactical options.

The most important features according to Steam News are:

  • cavalry
  • graphics upgrade
  • improved performance
  • Vehicles such as armored trains and steamships
  • Dynamic terrain
  • trenches
  • Revised class system
  • free Blood & Gore DLC for more realism
  • Brass bands with the Supporter Pack (4.99 euros, currently 3.89 euros)
  • New weapons and artillery
  • Better AI
  • you can purchase the 57-minute OST

Until March 16th you can buy the game at a massive discount for 2.99 euros instead of 14.99 euros. We try to expect you as soon as possible in a game check what awaits you on the battlefield. On 12.3. will also board from 21:00 CEST big event for up to 750 participants, for which you can already register.

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