AMD Epyc 9004: Ten new Zen 4 server CPUs with up to 96 cores and 400 W TDP

AMD Epyc 9004: Ten new Zen 4 server CPUs with up to 96 cores and 400 W TDP

from Oliver Jaeger
In the server segment, in which AMD is known to be strong, the manufacturer is now upgrading its range with ten new fourth-generation embedded processors. They are part of the still fresh Epyc 9004 series and offer up to 96 cores at the top and have power consumptions between 200 and 400 W.

While home users are eagerly awaiting the third Zen 4 gaming CPU with 3D V-Cache, which should ideally be released shortly before Easter, AMD has now officially introduced new processors for the server market, which also operate on a Zen 4 basis. These are new fourth-generation embedded processors from the Epyc 9004 series, which made their debut at the end of last year. According to AMD, these “offer technology and features for embedded networking, security/firewall and storage systems in cloud and enterprise computing, as well as industrial edge servers for the factory floor.”

Epyc 9004 for Embedded Servers: Specs and Release

It is important for AMD to emphasize that the new embedded server CPUs help to reduce energy costs and total cost of ownership thanks to their efficiency. The newly presented Epyc 9004 series includes ten models that have between 16 and 96 cores and TDP profiles between 200 and 400 W.

AMD also mentions some embedded-specific advantages that should improve the reliability and longevity of the system. These include NTB (Non-Transparent Bridging, data exchange between two redundant CPUs), NVDIMM (Non-Volatile Dual In-Line Memory Module, hybrid memory made of volatile DRAMs and non-volatile flash memory for data retention after a power failure), SPI (Dual Serial Peripheral Interface). , dual off-chip ROM support for secure boot) and up to seven years of planned availability.

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In addition to the number of cores and information on power consumption, the clock rates of the ten Epyc 9004 CPUs for embedded servers are also known. These should extend in the base from 2.4 to 3.25 GHz and maximum from 3.7 to 4.15 GHz. In addition, those processors marked with a P suffix are only designed for systems with one socket, the rest for two. In terms of availability, AMD finally explains that the processors of the Epyc Embedded 9004 series are currently being sampled and deliveries are expected for the coming month.

Source: AMD