An alternative to Diablo 4 increases its player count on Steam by 4615% with a major update

An alternative to Diablo 4 increases its player count on Steam by 4615% with a major update

The action role-playing game Last Epoch has long been considered by many to be an alternative to hack’n slays such as Diablo 4 or Path of Exile. But in January 2023, the title was still bobbing around on Steam with a peak of 859 players. With the new update it was now 40,504. An increase of more than 4600 percent.

How has the player count developed in Last Epoch?

  • Last Epoch player counts have been tracked on Steam since May 2019 (via steamcharts). The game kept making small leaps: in December 2020 it had 2,715 players at its peak, in September 2021 it was 5,890.
  • But in the last few months, the game has calmed down again: In January 2023, 430.2 played on average and 859 at the top.
  • However, over the last 30 days there has now been an average of 5,150.3 players online and 40,504 at the peak. This corresponds to an increase of more than 4600%. The special feature: The enormous upswing in the number of players only began on March 9th. The days before dilute the “Last 30 Days” at the moment.

Last Epoch: The trailer for the action RPG

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Multiplayer update catapults the game forward

Where is the jump coming from? On March 9th “The Convergence Update” was released – Beta 0.9.

The most important feature in this mega update is the introduction of a multiplayer mode, where you can now fight with up to three friends against the hordes of monsters.

The update also added new armor, animations, enemies, opponents, and music to the game. The patch notes for the update are several pages long (via forum.lastepoch).

How are the reviews on Steam? The reviews have fallen a bit in the last few days:

  • The general reviews are “very positive” at 85%
  • Recent reviews for the last 30 days are now “mostly positive” at 78%

However, one player with more than 300 hours in Last Epoch explains that the small devaluation is due to review bombing because a certain decision by the developers regarding “in-game trading” was met with controversy. All in all, Last Epoch is definitely a game that satisfies the desire for “action RPG”, i.e. the desire for looting and leveling.

Last Epoch is currently still in Early Access and costs just under €34. Many players will use it as a bridge until Diablo 4 comes out. Some compare Last Epoch to “Path of Exile”, but unlike this epic, you don’t need spreadsheets for the Steam title and don’t have to constantly search Google for guides, explains a Steam review:

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