Android: March feature update for Pixel 4a to Pixel 7 Pro

Android: March feature update for Pixel 4a to Pixel 7 Pro

from Claus Ludewig
Google is rolling out a feature update for numerous smartphones. In addition to current models, such as the Pixel 7 Pro, older Android devices up to the Pixel 4a from 2020 will also have new functions.

Since 2013, Google has been marketing its own devices under the Pixel name. Since 2016, this has included Android smartphones, which are supplied with software updates for a comparatively long time. The manufacturer from Mountain View lives up to this reputation and is now distributing the Feature update for all Pixel smartphones from the Pixel 4a from the year 2020. The distribution extends over the coming weeks.

These are the new features of the Pixel smartphones

For all Google smartphones mentioned since the 2020 model year, there is a new central data protection option for all health and fitness data with Health Connect, whereby the data exchange should now work better if the user wants it. In addition, all devices listed will receive the magic eraser Magic Eraser. This can be used to remove objects from captured images within the Google Photos app. With this function, Google is catching up with Apple, which has the feature on the iPhone 14 and offer iPhone 13. Google uses pattern recognition AI technology so that any object can be removed with just a few taps. If you have a Nest speaker with Google Assistant, you can now display timers directly in the notification bar on Pixel phones.

Exclusive to the Google Pixel 7 and the Pro model, multiple eSIMs can be created and used with the feature update. For example, two digital SIM cards can be used in parallel. In addition to the current iteration, the two models Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro also get the night vision function Night Sight. Thanks to new algorithms, the tensor chip should be used more efficiently to create better images in poor lighting conditions. The two new telephone functions Direct My Call and the automated notification if a hotline queue continues and you speak to a person are currently only available in English.

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Collection for the feature update for Google Pixel 7 and Co.:

  • Google has introduced the feature update for many Pixel smartphones. There are new features starting with the 2020 Pixel 4a.
  • With Health Connect, a central data protection option is created for all health and fitness data. The Magic Eraser eraser is also available. This allows objects to be removed from recorded images within the Google Photos app, analogous to the solution in current iPhone models.
  • With the feature update, multiple eSIMs can be created and used exclusively for the Google Pixel 7 and the Pro model.

Source: Google