Barotrauma: Submarine Sim Leaves Early Access // Trailer – News

Barotrauma: Submarine Sim Leaves Early Access // Trailer - News

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After almost four years in Early Access, the sci-fi submarine simulation is here barotrauma now available in digital stores. The game offers a single-player campaign and a co-op mode for up to 16 players, which take place in the depths of Jupiter’s frozen moon Europa and contain various missions.

Together with the active and dedicated community, the developers at FakeFish and Undertow Games have greatly expanded and expanded the game since its Early Access launch in summer 2019. For example, the campaign and the tutorials have been completely revised, new monsters, missions and outposts have been added, graphics and environments have been improved and a scripted event system has been implemented.

In order to complete Barotrauma in the form described above, the creators relied on the feedback and support of more than 30,000 Discord members and 60,000 player-created entries in the Steam Workshop. To show the team’s bond with the players and the fan base, the developers even integrated a player-made submarine into the base game as part of a community competition.

Finally, you can check out the new release trailer for the game.

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