Battle Cry of Freedom: Multiplayer Event Impressions – video

Battle Cry of Freedom: Multiplayer Event Impressions - video


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On March 9th is the big update 2.0 for the multiplayer shooter based in the Civil War Battle Cry of Freedom published by Flying Squirrel Entertainment. It brings numerous improvements, such as better performance and graphics, and new features. New features include raising positions and cavalry. On March 12th, a big multiplayer event took place where GG users Vampiro, also for a game check. From time to time the camera ran along and you can look at a section of the recordings to get a small impression of what is happening in the game. Unfortunately, the voice chat had to be deactivated at the beginning of the event, but could be activated again during the course of the event. By the way, there are regular events that are organized via the official Discord. However, the March 12 event was the biggest to date.

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