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While most WoW players were looking forward to Patch 10.0.7, Blizzard dropped the bombshell and released a flood of information about the upcoming Patch 10.1. In the update called Embers of Neltharion, we not only get a new raid and a new Mythic Plus season, we also get a completely new area – below the Dragon Islands. But that’s not all. Players are faced with a completely new system of item upgrading, which is intended to replace many previous systems and therefore seems very complicated.

In addition to new content, the mechanics in the background are also being worked on. Several classes are being overhauled and the developers are tearing down more walls between Horde and Alliance. Patch 10.1 brings the faction-spanning guilds into play and in a way completely buries the previous separation of the players. Seb and Phil sit together in the sound booth and go through the features one by one and not only explain what’s in store for you, but also what they think of it. Because not all new features are well received by both.

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buffedCast #615

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