Children in Sims 4 paint dark “spoilers” for Final Fantasy XIV

sims 4 ffxiiv meteion picture

A seemingly harmless drawing will soon appear in the children’s rooms of Sims 4. But behind this is a “spoiler” for the story of the addon Endwalker that only fans of Final Fantasy XIV will recognize.

Danger: Heavy spoilers follow for the story of the FFXIV addon Endwalker.

It’s about this picture: In Sims 4 will be released on March 16th the expansion “Growing Together” (via GameStar), which revolves around children, family and growing up. It brings with it a slew of new features and items, ranging from clothes to furniture, as usual, but one thing stands out even before release.

It’s a board that Sims kids can pin and display their drawings on. A screenshot shows not only colorful images of gloves and mushrooms but also a blue bird in space, which will immediately ring the alarm bells of many FFXIV fans.

Many FFXIV fans will know the bird very well.

The bird’s name is Meteion and it caused an apocalypse in the last addon of the MMORPG, Endwalker.

What kind of bird is that? The story of Endwalker is all about the imminent end of all life in the universe. The reasons for this catastrophe lie many thousands of years in the past, before the world of FFXIV was split into 14 mirror worlds.

Back then, a scientist named Hermes created the being Meteion and her sisters and sent them out into the far reaches of the universe to search for the meaning of life.

It came as it had to come: On their journey, the sisters of Meteion discovered nothing but death, destruction and terrible suffering. So their logical conclusion was that it was best for everyone to die so that no one would have to suffer anymore. So they set out to cruelly wipe out life in the universe.

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Although Meteion plays an important role in FFXIV’s overall storyline, it comes very late in it. Without some background knowledge, it is difficult if not impossible to recognize them as spoilers. Even fans who are in the penultimate addon Shadowbringers will not know about them. It is therefore a very well hidden “spoiler” on the part of the Sims 4 developers.

Is the world of Sims 4 now threatened with an apocalypse? That’s rather unlikely. It’s not the first nod to FFXIV that the Sims 4 developers are bringing to their game. As early as summer 2022, fans discovered some items whose names and descriptions sometimes contained more or less subtle references to the Square Enix MMORPG.

This includes, for example, the piece of furniture “Racked Teak-a Greatshelves”, which refers to the Rak’Tika Forest, an area from the addon Shadowbringers.

  • The description speaks of the “Warriors of Write”, which refers to “Warriors of Light”, i.e. the warriors of the light
  • The line “One brings shadow, one brings the light” was taken from the Shadowbringers main song written by Masayoshi Soken
  • And RIDING HOOOOOOOOME was the first thing players heard when logging in to the Shadowbringers release

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The drawing of Meteion joins the ranks of the funny references that exist for FFXIV in Sims 4. And if the Seventh Confectioner’s Calamity Firewood hasn’t already summoned a meteor with Bahamut in it and caused a disaster, then neither will a picture of a blue bird.

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