Cities – Skylines: Final Content Roadmap – News

Cities - Skylines: Final Content Roadmap - News

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Just recently is Cities – skylines (in the user article) also as City Skylines – Remastered (in the user article) for the current consoles. Shortly thereafter, the successor appeared on the Paradox Announcement Show Cities – Skylines 2 announced.

Today, Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order announced a roadmap for upcoming content. As part of the “Cities: Skylines World Tour” there will still be some content throughout the spring, namely content creator packs and a mini expansion of Colossal Order as well as radio stations. At the end of the year the general support for Cities – Skylines will be discontinued. Directly below this news you can watch the last stops of the “World Tour” in the trailer.

Mariina HallikainenCEO of Colossal Order, had the following to say about the final stretch of Cities – Skylines:

Those eight years with Cities: Skylines have been amazing. It’s been an amazing journey filled with heartfelt stories from our community and the development of the game into the genre-defining title it is today. As we look to the future, we’re preparing to say goodbye to Cities: Skylines for good with a slew of strong content coming this spring. Cities: Skylines players can look forward to a wealth of free content expanding on the existing content over the coming months, as well as one final expansion from us at Colossal Order.

Kicking off March with the following Content Creator Packs:

  • Africa in miniature: A new world of opportunity on the African continent. The first content creator pack from the longtime Cities fan and 3D artist Setonji “Prince Set” Hotonu allows you to explore the diverse architecture, bright colors and urban mix of Africa.
    • Africa In Miniature features a total of 28 new buildings inspired by the city’s existing masterpieces and unique architectural concepts.
  • sports facilities: In the content creator pack sports venues by community modders BadPeanut the sports season never ends. From unique stadiums to community sports parks, this content creator pack has everything you need to meet your city’s sporting needs.
    • You can watch citizens enjoy their favorite game. All major stadiums have realistic football, baseball and american football animations – and some new stats for you to check out. Some of them also have integrated public transport. If you prefer smaller crowds, you can build community sports parks: they are smaller and can be placed almost anywhere.
  • Shopping centers: With the Content Creator Pack “Shopping Malls” by Community-Modder KingLeno you can add a variety of shopping centers to your city.
    • This Content Creator Pack features more than 60 objects including department stores, malls, and fast food restaurants to populate your shopping areas.
The following radio stations will also appear in March:

  • JADIA Radio Station: A collection of 16 tracks by the musician Wan Sheywho pays homage to the musical traditions of his country and provides cities with African sounds.
  • 80’s Movie Tunes: 80’s Movies Tunes is a radio station inspired by the classic 80’s movies. With more than 15 tracks and around 70 minutes of music you dive into the past.
  • pop punk radio: Pop Punk Radio features 16 tracks and more than 75 minutes of related music.
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Also coming out on March 22nd Hubs and Transportation, a free content update that includes the transport system for Cities – Skylines and the expansions AfterDark, snow fall, Natural disasters and mass transit improved.