CS:GO: A condo’s worth of weapon skins sold

CS:GO: A condo's worth of weapon skins sold

from Oliver Jaeger
A special CS:GO skin was sold on a Chinese second-hand marketplace for the equivalent of around 150,000 euros. It is the “AK-47 Wild Lotus” skin, which decorates the weapon with flowers. Commentators on Twitter, meanwhile, explain that such prices are not uncommon for this CS:GO skin.

Some people spend six-figure sums of money on their condo, while others invest the money in weapon skins in CS:GO. This is what happened with the Chinese version of the second-hand marketplace Buff, where Steam users can buy and sell skins for CS:GO. This was brought to attention by Twitter user “completelyfucc”, who shared a screenshot of Buff intended to serve as proof of the transaction.

AK-47 Wild Lotus changes hands for around 150,000 euros

The CS:GO skin in question that is said to have sold for such a hefty sum is the Wild Lotus skin for the AK-47, which adorns the face of the weapon with some red flowers. Someone is said to have put 1,095,000 yuan on the table for this, which corresponds to around 150,000 euros. As reported by Kotaku, trading CS:GO skins on third-party websites is said to be big business, even though Valve has imposed time limits on how often players can trade.

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The AK-47 Wild Lotus is said to be a very rare skin, which is an indication of the high selling price. If CS:GO

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It can be seen from the comments below the tweet that the high price of around 150,000 euros should be justifiable for the wild lotus skin. A user notes that this is a completely justified selling price for the item. Another commenter explains, “Wild Lotus maintains an insane sticker % and is among the most desirable AKs in the game.” Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to spend such large amounts on a digital item.

Source: Twitter via kotaku